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End Clients are now required to provide an assessment of a contractors deemed employment status for an engaged project with detailed reasoning for the outcome as part of a Reasonable Care campaign 


ProjectScopes run and manage the assessments on behalf of their clients with a platform to produce a detailed report towards a client sign off. Input from all members of the supply chain is vital to collecting the real scenario data. 


The outcome of the assessment will look at both the signed,agreed and actual working practices involved in the upcoming project. The actual working practices must be kept in line with those signed off and agreed too


A transparent open line of communication through the supply chain is part of our end to end process where contract amendments can be completed when necessary and projects change direction with reassessments available 


ProjectScopes open up a review and schedule with their clients for an upcoming project. This detail along with discussed Working Practices are the beginning of a Status Determination Statement process.


The Assessment is passed through the Supply Chain and made available to all parties including the Contractor. Insurance is available off this report due to the comprehensive compliant assessment process


ProjectScopes run a compliant on site programme to verify all parties are up to date with legislation, keeping to their agreed practices while managing the progress of the assigned schedule allowing for change control or reassessment when required.


Upon Renewals or other Projects a new schedule is created and built with the input of all relevant parties. This is the beginning of a new Assessment towards a new Status Determination Statement to be shared through the chain. 

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